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About Us Nerdz

Computer and Phone Repair

Cyber Nerdz is your one stop shop for all things Computer, Phones, Gaming, and Drones! As well as classes in Robotics, Coding, 3D CAD Design and so much more. We aim to serve our community so come and see us today! Computer and phone repair classes also available.

Inner view of a futuristic vehicle

What We Do

We have over 25 years experience in electronics and electrical engineering and we specialize in Computer and Phone repair. Our founder has worked with SpaceX, Royal Caribbean, and currently is designing solid state batteries and battery powered aircraft. We love to create and design and more than anything we love to save damaged electronics from being thrown out. We can fix it! That is our moto. Don't waste your money on new electronics when we can fix your  problems and get you back up and rolling. DON'T PANIC! Take it to the Nerdz today!  We have a state of the art computer and phone repair center that will get you back up and running.    

A sketch of a human-machine hybrid

Come Learn With Us

Sharing knowledge is to be human. We believe to be better humans and to add more to our world that we must engage in the sharing of ideas and knowledge. Due to this moto, we have built a state of the art learning center where you can come and be a part of the future. Come and learn the skills that will actually take you places. Learn the skills like computer and phone repair, iphone repair, and xbox and playstaion repair. We also offer classes in 3D design and printing, Robotics, Drones, Programming language, Rapid Prototyping, Computers, and Gaming. Come be a Nerd today! 

3d model of a human-machine hybrid

Take A Class and Learn New Tricks


Come learn all about micro controllers and coding them to perform mechanical task. Operate Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards for logic controlling anything you can think up!   

3D Printing / CAD Design

Learn How to build your own 3D printer and then how to make your own 3D designs to print into reality whatever you wish to create.

C++ / Python Coding

Language is communication, so why not learn to speak to computers in their native tongue. Join us today for a trip into the Matrix!

Gaming Tutoring

Weather you know it or not, gaming is the future of sports. At this very moment prestigious universities, D.O.D, and many other organizations are actively recruiting young professional gamers. DONT MISS OUT. Learn to be the best! 

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