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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services. If it is electronic, then we can probably fix it. From phones to computers, laptops, tablets drones and even TVs, DONT PANIC, take it to the NERDZ! In addition to our repair and custom build services we also offer 3D printing, design, prototyping, website/graphics design, and educational classes on robotics, programing, CAD design, and so much more! Come see the NERDZ today!

Phone Repair

Cracked glass or a broken screen on your expensive new phone? Did your kid drop it in a toilet? Maybe you were the recipient of a nasty virus messing with your settings? Our daily lives are deeply connected to our phones and if they go down, so does our day. DON'T PANIC! Bring it to the Nerdz for a no cost diagnoses to get you back in the fray of life today. 

Laptop & Computer Repair

Your work depends on your tools, so when your tools are down everything stops. DON'T PANIC! No matter what is wrong we can fix it. Bring it to the NREDZ!


Love to game? Have you been dreaming about the ultimate gaming rig? Come to the Nerdz and lets talk about turning your vision into a reality. We build the most state of the art, up to date gaming machines to keep you ahead of the competition. Are you looking for a place to play? We offer full speed LAN parties and tournaments to build your skills and get your edge sharpened. COme see the Nerdz today!  

Photography & FPV Drones 

Want to fly? We can help. We are FAA certified, part 107 licensed drone pilots and we have have 11 years experience in drones and custom built drone technology. We love to talk about flying. Come see the Nerdz today!  

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